Box contents this week

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Most things are obvious but here’s a few pointers on what to do with the oddities. Please note that all box contents vary so you might have some or just one or 2 of the following.

August: new potatoes, cucumber, courgettes, squash, peas, broad & french beans, salad leaves, chard, kohl rabi, broccoli, kale, basil, onions, spring onions, tomatoes.


Potatoes are currently Carolus variety, a great tasting slightly floury all rounder.

Artichokes  make delicious soup. Celeriac or potato can be used to make up the weight of artichokes, or you could half the recipe:
This one would use some carrots too:

Generally, a good scrub is enough for the carrots and artichokes – peeling artichokes must be a complete fiddle (have never done it!).

There was a bit of kale for some boxes & plenty chard and salad leaves (current mix is lettuce, pea shoots, rocket, parsley, spinach, mustard, kale, cress).

There are also spring green leaves in bags.

New season green onions – the whole lot can be eaten, leaves & all. Super sweet!

Celeriac – knobbly root that needs the outer skin sliced off and makes tasty soup or stew with the other roots. Grown in E Lothian, as we’re too far north for these southern sun lovers.

Cabbage – if you haven’t tried making saurkraut then this weeks white cabbage is the perfect variety for it, but any cabbage works. Just slice it up finely so plenty water comes out in the jar and don’t add too much salt as that inhibits the fermentation.

Kale Boil, steam, add to soups & stews or even make kale crisps which are very popular! The bag might have one or a mix of these varieties: Cavalo nero – long dark green slender leaves. Red Russian – frilly pink veined leaves. Curly Kale has curly leaves, obviously… Sutherland – large smooth rounded leaves. Red Kale, another obvious one to spot…

Remember that you can always exclude items if there’s a build up in the cupboard before your next delivery, or if you simply aren’t too keen on something – we’ll do our best to substitute it or give you extra of something else. Just amend preferences in your account or send us an email.

Think that’s all, thanks for your order this week. Deliveries are weekly to Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Avoch, Culbokie, Cullicudden, Killen areas so if you’d like a top up then please place an order by 7pm, 2 days prior to delivery. Delivery is fortnightly to all other areas (Westhill, Longman, Cromarty, Jemimaville, North Kessock, Munlochy, Tore, Beauly, Muir of Ord, Conon, Dingwall etc).