Box contents this week

Most things are obvious but here’s a few pointers on what to do with the oddities. Please note that all box contents vary so you might have some or just one or 2 of the following:

Red cabbage┬áTry in coleslaw or braise. There’s a photo of us harvesting these cabbage on instagram, click on the pinky/purple icon on the homepage to be taken there.

Artichokes knobbly roots with a ┬ánutty earthy flavour, delicious in soup after a quick scrub to remove the soil – just saute an onion or 2, add chopped artichokes & stock then simmer until tender. Blend smooth, season and add a slosh of cream if liked.

Salad leaf mix has a larger pale leaf which is a type of endive, a bit bitter but very good for you and nice shredded up with the claytonia and baby chard etc.

Celeriac – scrub off the soil then slice off the bumpy outer. It’s nice in a tray of mixed roast veg or in soup.

Think that’s all, thanks for your order this week. Deliveries are weekly to Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Avoch, Munlochy, Tore, Kessock so if you’d like a top up then please place an order by Tuesday 7pm.

Beef, hogget & mutton orders are being taken now.