Box contents this week

Most things are obvious but here’s a few pointers on what to do with the oddities. Please note that all box contents vary so you might have some or just one or 2 of the following:

Red cabbage Try in coleslaw or braise. There’s a photo of us harvesting these cabbage on instagram, click on the pinky/purple icon on the homepage to be taken there.

Artichokes knobbly roots with a  nutty earthy flavour, delicious in soup after a quick scrub to remove the soil – just saute an onion or 2, add chopped artichokes & stock then simmer until tender. Blend smooth, season and add a slosh of cream if liked.


Salad leaves are back for everyone. There was a small salad supply all winter but now there’s loads & the tunnel doors are kept wide open to cool down the cold loving winter salad plants. They will flower and be tough if they get too warm! Remember to wash the leaves in a bowl of water to remove any grit, then stick them in a tub in the fridge to keep fresh up to a week.

Pak choi is also beginning to be ready for harvest after a long winter waiting for some warmth – best cooked hot, fast & very briefly so there’s still a bit of bite to it. Stir fry with sesame seeds and soy sauce is easy & tasty.

Chard is like spinach, only much easier to grow than it’s fussy cousin. Use it in similar ways or look up one of the many chard recipes online.

Carrots are from Mid Coul farm near Inverness, rather muddier than usual this week due to rain on Monday just before harvest but they are so sweet I hope the muddiness can be forgiven!

Beetroot ideas include soup, risotto, roasted, grated raw onto salad leaves, boil them up then drop into a jar of vinegar for home pickles, boiled, crisps… quite a few ideas there to try.

Remember that you can always exclude items if there’s a build up in the cupboard before your next delivery, or if you simply aren’t too keen on something – we’ll do our best to substitute it or give you extra of something else. Just amend preferences in your account or send us an email.

Think that’s all, thanks for your order this week. Deliveries are weekly to Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Avoch, Munlochy, Tore, Kessock so if you’d like a top up then please place an order by Tuesday 7pm.