Box contents

Everything is certified organic as usual, either home or locally grown or from our organic wholesaler. You may have some or all of the following, depending on your order (everything is unwashed – salad and leaves are best washed in a bowl of cold water where all the ‘extra stuff’ just falls off and sinks to the bottom).

Homegrown & Local

Home grown this week were: cucumbers (inc round lemon type), kale, chard, tomatoes, soft fruit, french beans, potatoes (orla variety), onions.

Baby beetroot in various varieties. The greens can be eaten like spinach and if limp they can be soaked in water to regain their freshness.

Kale, spinach, salad and chard (use like spinach). Best cooked very briefly to avoid them going soggy.

Local salad and spring onions.


Courgettes, broad beans

Kohl rabi – Peel the skin off and add to salad or stew.

UK Chesnut mushrooms.

EU Red Hokkaido squash can be cooked skin and all, just remove any seeds inside first.


Chard, spring onions – can be ‘station planted’ with multiple plants per station, leave 15-20cm or 6-8 inches between plugs.

Lettuce – separate out and plant in smaller clumps or individually. The green ones are mainly cut and come again type, red leaf type are larger head lettuce that will also cut and come again ok as well.