FAQs & endorsements

fruite‘Every delivery is full of really delicious veg’

‘Reliable and flexible’

‘Delivered with a smile’

‘Its great that such a variety of produce is grown & delivered locally’

‘Really good value for money’

‘Can highly recommend’


How can I pay?
Cash, cheque payable to Daniel Ross, standing order or bank transfer are all accepted forms of payment.

Can I get an occasional box or does it have to be a regular delivery?
You can have a box as often or infrequently as you like, but please give 2 days notice (by Tuesday) so we can plan how much to harvest each week.

How often are deliveries & on what days?
Delivery is fortnightly on a Thursday.

Do I have to be home to get a delivery?
No, your box can be left on the doorstep or in a shed etc.

What size of box will suit me?
A regular box contains enough for 1 or 2 people or a small family. A large box will suit 2 people or a family, but it really depends on how many vegetables you eat!

What sort of vegetables will be in the box?
Contents depend what is growing or stored on the croft. Winter & early spring boxes have plenty roots with some leaf veg. Leafy veg dominates until July when all the new crops are ready. 36 types of vegetable were grown in 2015 so there’s quite a range.

Can I choose what goes in my box?
We can tailor the box to what you love and loathe but customers actually like the surprise of not knowing what they are going to get.

Can I buy someone a gift box?
Gift boxes are available for Thursday delivery to Black Isle addresses, the perfect present for those who have everything!

Are other products available?
Beef, lamb & fruit are available in season. Eggs can be added to your regular veg delivery. Gotland wool fleeces are available, perfect for spinning or felt making.

Do you go to farmers markets or sell through other outlets?
At the moment all croft produce is delivered directly to customers houses or work place.

Are deliveries made out with the Black Isle?
Courier delivery is possible through Menzies (formerly AJG) for further afield, please get in touch for details.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is free with a minimum order of £12.